Saturday, August 15, 2009

Metering and Sub-Metering

Integra Digital Metering SystemIf you want to know how much energy you are wasting, your first step is to measure your site. You have a couple of options that we recommend:

1.- You can purchase an Energy Audit. This is a fast solution if your site is experiencing power quality problems and also to make sure of what exactly is your energy consumption. Be sure to contract with an experience team of engineers. Also one that gives you a report with solutions for your issues. It is important to know that if your site is big enough, we recommend that you buy a Power Quality Logger of your own and train a dedicated personal of your engineering department to do the audits.

2.- You can install indirect power quality or energy meters. Depending on the facility that you are managing, you can buy one or several meters to do constant audits and assign goals or quotas per department. For example production and engineering can monitor for stops cause by power quality problems, correct them and make sure that they do not happen again. You can have a Power Monitoring Software that can log all the events and can set up alarms in your system, so it acts on them and send messages to the incumbent personal that can solve or mitigate the problem.

The two previous recommendations pertain the Metering part of the article. Now lets talk about Sub-Metering.

You can Sub-meter with one or several indirect digital meters. You can do this to bill your tenants electricity or to measure the energy consumptions per department or company division. Than you can bill them accordingly and in most cases you can also ensure that they apply energy saving or power quality solutions that will improve the companies bottom line. You can also use sub-metering solutions to bill your tenants for the energy that is supplied by your generator set and collect appropriately.

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