Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013!

By: José Alfredo Méndez
Again is earth day. What are you going to do to help the earth? Well for starts you can save energy. Yes, it is 2013! And still it is a good way to save the earth. As Al Gore said in An Inconvenient Truth, we have the technology! What we need is to use it. I am paraphrasing, but in so many words, he is still right. We can help our earth and make it cleaner for our future generations. One person can make the difference. Here are some tips:
1.- Look around. In your office, your home or your community. You can find out how to use less energy and that in helps produce less carbon emissions. 
2.- Alert your principals. If you are not in charge, tell your boss. Or take leadership in your place of work or community about these issues.
3.- Get help! If you do not know where to start, get help! There are a lot of people and companies that are very knowledgeable in the energy savings market.
4.- Take action! Once you know what to do or have an energy savings proposal, put it to work for you. Albert Einstein said “Nothing happens until something moves”, and that is right on the money. So take action! Even if you are not sure.
So you have 365 more days to the next Earth Day. Make them count; the power of ONE is truer than ever today! Make a difference, help our planet, we only have ONE!
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