Friday, December 13, 2013

Why lighting automation is a good investment?

The first setback that we encounter when proposing lighting automation in a building, is that people tell us that they do not need it. Simply because they say, the following: "In this office we turn off the lights when we leave", "Everybody does it". And I say "really?". Changing old habits is very difficult, Steven R. Covey said it's as difficult as sending a rocket in to space. If you have tried this with yourself you know what we are talking about. When you are trying to change company habits, as turning of the lights when people leave, this only works well the first two months, and that is, if you are very diligent. You have to understand, that most of the time people want to help; it is not that they do not care, it's that when a person gets a call from their spouse and they have to live urgently to the doctor because their children are sick, they are not going to care if the lights are on or off. People may say that this is the exception, but companies have to focus on what gets the income in to the door, and a supervisor is not going to nag a salesperson that stayed late to finish a proposal, because he left the lights on in the office. 

Lighting automation is the solution. The lights not only are going to turn off when you want them, they are going to be turned off precisely and when you need them. A simple lighting audit, performed by an experience energy efficiency consulting firm, can help you with this. By combining, lighting control panels and occupancy sensors, you can help your building be more efficient. This will not only save you money, it will stop energy waste. Your supervisors and general personnel will not have to worry about nothing more than doing their job. 

Also if done right a lighting automation project has a very fast return on investment. This project additionally helps your company with their environmental and social responsibility efforts. These successes can be promoted to their customer base and also will attract talent that can further help the company achieve their general goals. 

These are only a few of the benefits that lighting automation brings. We will talk about this subject further in upcoming posts.

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