Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let sunlight in

In an office building there are lots of ways to save energy. One that is not often taken in to account is the use of sunlight during the day. Most offices have windows and sometimes the only things blocking the sun are shades and curtains.
There are various ways to use sunlight to your advantage. One of them is by the use of occupancy sensors. Some are equip with a photo sensor that can measure sunlight levels and compare them to a preset that is appropriate for optimum light needed. If sunlight is enough, the sensor automatically turns off the lighting fixtures that are not needed. This saves you energy because you are only using artificial lights as needed during the day.
Another way to save is to install a daylight dimming system. This system uses sensors in combination with dimming ballasts. These adjust light levels automatically as needed during the day, depending on how much sunlight enters the office.
Also if you install a building automation system, you can have sunshades open and close automatically by sensing sunlight levels. They can be adjusted so they let as much sunlight as possible for you to use less artificial light inside. You can combine them with your daylight dimming system, occupancy sensors and lighting control panels. When you combine the use of these technologies you will have the most energy efficient solution working automatically for you, so you stop wasting money on your electrical bill.
These solutions may look difficult to implement. The truth is that with the right solution provider you can stop energy waste in your office building.

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