Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth day, think about energy saving.


Earth day past, without much glory. 40 years ago, we as a planet started “celebrating” earth day, as an reminder of how small and fragile it really is. We need to understand that our energy resources are being depleted as we speak and that our alternate energy options are few, expensive and taking to long to get going (search “alternate energy sources”, we recommend “TED Talks” on the subject). We know that we have a chance to save energy, with the technologies available in lighting and HVAC. These technologies are not so new, and can help us reduce our carbon footprint. Saving energy is critical to the well being of our planet and there are still a lot of buildings that have 50’s and 60’s lighting and HVAC technologies running, with the potential to save at least 40% to 60% in energy cost. And this is without using expensive lighting technologies like LED or complex HVAC Building Automation Systems.

The point we are trying to bring to the table is that if we pretend to keep living in this earth, we are going to start doing something ourselves, independent of what others are doing. If we don’t know were to start, ask us or another credible source. We have been working with this type of projects constantly and in 3rd world country’s, with great success. Is time to help our one and only earth and it starts with YOU.

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