Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elements for energy saving.


Energy saving is becoming more and more simple. Elements or products that you can use to save money and energy are becoming available and easier to purchase. But if you still need help, we are here to do just that. In the days ahead we are going to write about the following products, that can help you save money and energy in your commercial building, warehouse of facility. Always keeping in mind the retrofit capabilities of the product recommended, upon our experience. We are going to write about:

1.-Retrofit Kits for existing lighting fixtures.

2.-Electronic Ballast and lamps T8 and T5.

3.-Occupancy Sensors.

4.-Fluorescent High Bays.

5.-Ideas for energy saving on exterior fixtures.

We are going to write about these five topics and try to shed some light on these subjects, base on field experiences and applied solutions.

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