Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retrofit Kits for existing lighting fixtures


First let’s define what is a lighting retrofit? A lighting retrofit is any or all improvements made to a fixture or fixtures in a facility to maintain or improve lighting output, reducing its energy consumption. These improvements are the result of a lighting audit done by an experience energy service company (ESCO) or an experience contractor.

A lighting retrofit kit comes in the form of a group of elements that are used to improve the efficiency of a fixture or fixtures. It may include, but it’s not limited to including, the following:

1.-An Electronic Ballast.

2.-T8 or T5 lamps.

3.-An Specular Aluminum reflector.

4.-Installation materials (ex.: screws, T8 or T5 socket’s, etc.)

Your facility may be proposed some variations of the above mentioned list for your fixtures, but these are the elements in essence. We highly recommend that you do an audit or hire an ESCO to do this job. Also ask them to sample the retrofit on a room or area of your building, so you know beforehand how it will look when the complete retrofit is done. This may cost you, but it is worth it.

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